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I am a NERD

I am an EntrepreNERD

This is my Story

While attending classes part-time at the University of WI Milwaukee in 1982 as an Industrial Engineering student I found myself out of a nice 2nd shift job as a Computer CNC Machinist and never saw the manufacturing slump coming. This wasn’t just about finding a new job but more finding a new career path.

My passion for Micro Computer Technology began in 1984 with a Commodore 64 while working as a Mainframe computer operator. I knew Micro Computers were going to become great productivity tools. I looked at Computer Science programs offered at the University but what they were teaching was 5 to 7 years behind what was happening in the real world. I was a Real World, Hands on kinda guy so I quit college (so did Bill Gates) and spent $4,500 on a IBM compatible PC. Learned everything I could about it and started my 1st Business in 1985. Micro Software Consultants Inc. Boy oh boy did the computer industry change at a break neck speed and I had to also.

With the advent of high speed internet coming to the home in early 1999 I thought I should consider working with residential customers. That turned out to be a great idea to breath new life into the business. Home computer users were adopting new technolgy much quicker than the corporate world and they needed a little help sorting through the adventure.

It’s cool to be a NERD and share my wisdom with my customers. It’s very rewarding to solve tough tech issues.