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PC Crashed?

We can repair your OS to get you back up and running in record time!

Running Slow?

Slow PC making you think you need an upgrade?  We can help squeeze more life out of your current system!

I dropped my laptop... from my 3rd floor balcony!

If you have damaged hardware it’s not a total loss for you, we can at least help recover your data.

Switching Computers

You don’t want to worry about backups, software, or setting up things like email.  You just want it to work.

We can assist you with that.

Confused by the new?

If you need some help setting up or even understanding things like ‘the cloud’, we’ll help you get started.

Neverending Popups?

Opening your browser causing 15 windows to pop up telling you you’re infected?  DON’T click the link!!

Call us!

We can fix your PC and Mac issues.


Get Started

You will be happy you called us!


We got your back. You will rest easy knowing if disaster play havoc with your PC or Mac you will have a recovery plan in place.

Whatever your need are..

The difference between a NERD and some IT company, is that we love tackling all of the issues that affect you and your PC.


Hardware Issues

I’d rather fix something you have than make you buy something you don’t need.


Software Issues

Ever called tech support, only to be told, “We don’t support that version anymore.”

Well, I DO!


Consulting and Security

You wouldn’t leave your car parked on the highway with your keys in the ignition… Let us protect your PC so you can connect safely!

Need the kind of help that only a NERD can provide?


Look No Further. Get Started with us Today

Call  ……. Rick …….@ 847-483-8681


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